We discover and disseminate large volumes of data into insightful fragments to support decision for research and development in science, technology and engineering enterprises. Our custom curation services include indexing and abstraction from patents / journals / books and data mining or data entry from patents / journals / books / thesis. We have proven expertise to curate clinical trial data from journals / clinical trial registers/ conferences/ regulatory authorities and other possible sources.

We are experienced in curation, indexing, abstraction and analysis of the following data.

  • Patents and journals data from Life sciences, Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals and Engineering
  • Organic reactions and reaction experimental procedures data
  • Chemical structures and SAR data
  • Drug and Clinical candidates data
  • Pre-clinical and clinical trials data curation for data analyses and interpretation (Pharmacometrics)
  • Pharmacokinetic and toxicity data
  • Clinical pharmacology data
Patent Search and Analytics for corporates, tech transfers, governments and law firms is focused on quality, efficiency and affordability . Our search expertise, range of databases and advanced search tools ensure high quality output. Our reports are customized according to the needs of every client to meet their legal and technical requirements. We also provide detailed interpretation of prior arts to validate each invention. We deliver within agreed timelines for better and timely decisions. We provide direct access to our patent researchers and analysts to ensure all your queries are addressed in a responsive and consultative manner . We believe that a patent search is both an art and science and creativity is the key to find what others miss.

We protect valuable IP assets through

  • State of the art/novelty/patentability searches
  • FTO/clearance/infringement/invalidity searches
  • Markush (chemical structure)/Sub-structure searches
  • Support for First to File/Para IV business strategies
  • 180 days exclusivity, ODE, NDA and NCE evaluation
  • Patent portfolio
  • Non-English patent searches
  • Non-Patent searches
  • Bio Sequence searches

Business Research and Analytics provides deep insights to enable complex and strategic business decisions for the organization. We combine our skills and expertise in technical, business and market analytics to find relevant insights from the vast data. Strategic management of intellectual assets involves identification of landscapes and analysis to identify new opportunities or maintain the competitive edge.

Our competitive/market intelligence services include

  • Competitive landscape studies on competitors, products and therapeutic areas
  • Generate strategically relevant scientific reports from research analytics
  • Pipeline analysis on candidates (discovery, preclinical, clinical) to developing an effective business strategy
  • Track competitors on different therapeutic areas, therapeutic targets, drug approvals
  • Partner analysis to search and identify corporate and academic collaborators/partners based on grants/research interests/lateral industries
  • Opportunity analysis to identify potential preclinical (or) clinical candidates for collaboration or in-licensing
  • Sales analysis and visualizations based on market data and strategic/launch/pipeline forecasting
Our trained paralegals become an extension of your legal team for transactional and strategic IP management . We can ramp up and down as required to support your needs as they arise or slump. We can ramp up and down as required to support your needs as they arise or slump with process controls and competitive pricing.

Our paralegal support includes

  • Patent drafting and filling for US, India, WO and other countries (provisional/complete)
  • Litigation and Prosecution support
  • Proof reading
  • Patent life cycle management
  • Claim analysis
  • Ranking
  • Docketing
  • Office action response
  • Patent illustrations and drawings
  • Alerts and watches

We collaborate with patent/journal database providers to

  • Add value to your current products
  • Develop new products together with you
  • Improve internal data management practices

We help you to reduce the development cost and time minimizing the payback period.


Our publishing and document management services to scientific data management providers include

  • Indexing, Abstraction and Data mining (double keying)
  • Content creation, development and management services
  • Digitization, Conversion & Repository Services
  • Extraction or Index bibliographic metadata development from academic, research and industry journals

Email us at business@saturoglobal.com to explore opportunities to work together

Project based model
  • Flexible scope and committed timelines
  • Clear requirements agreed with client
  • Transparent pricing and discounts for multiple projects
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Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) model
  • Qualified and well trained FTE’s available on monthly and annual basis
  • Dedicated technical and domain expertise based on requirements
  • Cost efficient alternative to internal team expansions to meet your short/long term variable requirements
  • Free your team to focus on your core competence and we will take care of the rest
  • All our contracts offer maximum flexibility with 30 days notice
  • Request us for a proposal based on your requirements
Hybrid model
  • Flexibility without fixed commitments
  • Opportunity to refine scope as project progresses or when requirements are dynamic
  • Cost-effective approach for customers having regular work with changing scope
  • Purchase number of hours required which are to be used within a quarter/year
  • Transparent tracking of time used and discussed upfront
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