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  • Saturo Global is Founded
  • Partnership with Minesoft
  • Delivered first major scientific indexing and abstraction project
  • Number of Clients − 8
  • Number of Major Projects − 12
  • Number of Clients − 12
  • Number of Major Projects − 17
  • Delivered first major engineering indexing and abstraction project
  • Human Pharmacokinetic database developed in collaboration with big pharma
  • Priority number and legal status major project signed with top legal firm
  • Number of Clients − 20
  • Number of Major Projects − 29
  • Patent litigation project delivered for major legal firm
  • 100 Indian provisional and complete patents drafted and filed
  • Major clients sign up for FTE model for business research and analytics services
  • Number of Clients − 40+
  • Number of Major Projects − 65+
  • Major clients sign up for FTE and Hybrid model for custom curation and analytics services
  • Major project for Markush search signed
Ponarul A.P. Director Ponarul is a technoventurer with over 10 years of international experience. He joined Saturo Global in 2016 and plays a key management role in transforming Saturo Global as India’s leading and fast growing Knowledge management services company. Previously, Ponarul played an instrumental role in developing the research outsourcing businesses of GVK Biosciences and Izen Biosciences globally. He is also associated with the Unitus Seed Fund discovering startups that innovate for the masses and serves on the governing board of Nativelead Foundation which promotes first generation entrepreneurs in Tier 2/3 Indian cities. He is educated globally at the University of Cambridge, Singapore MIT  Alliance and Anna University.

Dheen Kumar (Director – Technical Operations)

customer-4 Dheen Kumar has over a decade of experience in Organic Chemistry, Process Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry. During his career he has developed new products in collaboration with big pharmaceutical companies. Dheen Kumar brings rich and diverse experience in organic reaction databases and expertise in managing commercial chemoinformatics and bioinformatics products. Prior to joining Saturo Global Dheen Kumar was associated with Azoe healthcare Pvt Ltd as Director Operations where he was responsible for synthesizing biologically active heterocyclic compounds. Dheen Kumar started his career at PANSUR Pharma consultant where he was instrumental in developing several efficient protocols for organic synthesis involving both heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts. Dheen Kumar has a PhD in synthetic chemistry and a specialization in pharmaceutical chemistry. To his credit Dheen Kumar holds several international publications in synthetic chemistry and catalysis.

Stephen (Senior Manager – IP)


Stephen has over a decade of experience in IP services industry working with global corporate clients and law firms. Stephen brings rich and diverse experience in the delivery of IP and innovation services, product development and business commercialisation. Stephen is also an expert in Markush chemical entities and has extensive experience in devising chemical structure queries in STN and MMS. His background is in the area of chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining Saturo Global Stephen was associated with Scope e-knowledge as Assistant Manager in IP. Earlier, Stephen managed the Cheminformatics product portfolio and has anchored IP business development in GVK BIO. Stephen is specialised in Chemistry and also holds a MBA in Marketing Management.

Seema (Senior Manager – Scientific indexing services)

customerSeema has more than a decade of experience in scientific indexing and abstracting services working with the world leader of database vendors and corporates. Her technical expertise is in genome, bioinformatics, data mining and knowledge management. Prior to joining Saturo Global Seema was associated with GVK BIO managing the database indexing services in collaboration with global database vendors. Seema is specialised in working with large volumes of data and an expert in fragmenting the data for individual decision making with strategic insights. Seema has a PhD in Biochemistry and a specialization in Genomics, Genetics, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics.

Saturo Global has partnered with Minesoft to promote and support Minesoft’s global products such as PatBase in India and Singapore. The products are designed to help you to exploit the commercial value of IP and scientific information throughout the innovation process which includes

  • PatBase: Search patents intuitively and comprehensively
  • PatentOrder: Order patent documents fast and effortlessly
  • PatentTracker: Monitor patent legal status automatically
  • PatentArchive: Manage patent portfolios

Email us at patbase@saturoglobal.com for more details

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